What it takes to maintain a healthy and connected workforce in 2021

A quick summary:

Today we are joined by Emily Wood, Chief of Staff at Talis Capital, a unique venture capital investment firm focused on emerging technologies including regtech, digital health,  edtech and sustainability.

We discuss:

  1. Initiatives to support employees during remote working.
  2. Talis Capital's support for mental health at work.
  3. The biggest challenges in relation to culture and employee wellbeing in 2021
  4. The shifts in employee motivation and engagement since the pandemic began.
  5. Advice to help boost employee morale during this time.

About Heka's Wellness Warrior series:

In this space, we champion human-focused leaders and feature wellness warriors supporting employee inclusion, wellbeing and empowerment at the workplace.

If you’re a wellness warrior or know of anyone who has gone above and beyond to promote a positive workplace culture, get in touch and we’ll feature you in our upcoming episodes.

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