Workplace Wellbeing in 2023: Predictions With Our CEO

12 Jan
12:00 pm

Start the new year with everything to craft your perfect wellbeing strategy, from our very own CEO.

Alex Hind, Heka Co-Founder & CEO, will be joined by Co-Host Em Holding, for a live webinar on 'workplace wellbeing in 2023'.

Armed with in-depth market research, 2022 user data and Alex's extensive industry knowledge, this session will cover:

  • Lessons from 2022 - significant themes that emerged, challenges faced and innovations in the industry
  • Predictions for 2023 - changing employee demands, what top talent are really looking for and wellbeing solutions that really work
  • Practical advice on how to manage teams, drive growth and create a truly inclusive culture

Are you ready to re-define your wellbeing strategy and create long-lasting change? Save your seat now, limited spots available!

We also recommend reading through our new Wellness Trends Report 2023, for a closer look at the wellness landscape as a whole.


This event has started! Check back soon for the on-demand version.