What to expect from health and wellbeing trends 2023

It’s a new year, and as we close the lid on 2022, we’ve identified several upcoming health and wellbeing trends in 2023 that everyone needs to know about. From HR professionals to everyday wellness enthusiasts, this is a resource not to be missed!

At the end of 2021, the world emerged from a global pandemic, and the health and wellbeing landscape looked a little different.

For the year that followed, our team predicted the likes of community building, female health and financial wellbeing taking the top spot for workplace wellbeing trends — and we were right!

Some of the largest businesses in the world embraced fertility incentives, menopause support and other family planning benefits.

Financial wellbeing has also gone from important to vital, as the UK economy slipped into a recession in the latter half of 2022.

If you’d like to learn more about our predictions and insights into wellbeing trends in 2022, head over to our other resource page and give it a read!

Looking forward, we’ve got a new list of health and wellbeing trends in 2023 to dive into. From reproductive health, wellness technology, virtual healthcare and many more, our team have dug deep into the trends we expect to see.

By downloading our resource, you’ll learn why the health and wellbeing trends 2023 will require a “big rethink” — or as we’d put it… if 2022 was a time to recover, 2023 is a time to refresh our attitudes and preferences towards wellbeing.

It’s about understanding the role wellbeing plays in both our personal and professional lives. Leaders must lean into wellbeing benefits, hold conversations around mental health, and ultimately put people’s happiness top of the agenda in 2023.

From start to finish, our new health and wellbeing trends 2023 resource contains all the statistics, industry figures and insights you could ever need. You’ll discover why virtual healthcare has boomed over recent years, and why self-settling is a better outlook on life.

This all-encompassing report can be used in a number of ways. For individuals, we recommend exploring these trends, and adopting some of the ideas we discuss. For business leaders and HR teams, take from this resource what you need to offer better incentives to your employees.

For instance, reproductive health has gained a lot of attention in 2022. As we've discussed above, some of the biggest businesses are adding things like fertility support and other factors of family planning to their incentives for the workforce.

See our resource as the opportunity to rethink your benefits package — it could open new doors and give you the chance to reconsider how you approach wellbeing and it's inclusion in your perks and incentives.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, an employee benefits package should be an ongoing and active process in a business. Any incentive package that doesn't change in three, six or twelve months is stale. The needs of employees evolve rapidly, and in most recent years, people want to see more health and wellbeing perks.

Although our resource isn't strictly about benefits in the workplace, it should open your eyes to what's trending, and what's important to people's health and wellbeing right now.

If you'd like to skip our resource and find out exactly what we do at Heka, along with how our wellbeing platform can support your team, get in touch with our experts!

On that note, if you’re ready to find out more from our health and wellbeing trends 2023 report, simply give it a download!

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