Fertility employee benefits

Support your employees in their parenthood journey with personalised guidance around reproductive health.

Starting a family can be a difficult and sensitive time. But with Heka your employees can get access to free 1:1 fertility consultations plus 5,000 other benefits to make that big step a little easier.  

Free fertility guidance with Heka

Fertility struggles can be emotionally taxing, and 1:1 consultations offer a safe space for employees and couples to discuss their feelings, fears, and anxieties.

That's why with Heka, your employees can access free consultations with fertility experts whenever they need.

For life's little big moments

Starting a family might be the biggest moment in someone's life. With Heka, you can support your employees throughout this journey, from hormone testing, to guidance, to postpartum and beyond.

Here's just some of our fertility partners employees can find on Heka.

It's time for wellbeing to mean something

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