Heka builds employee benefits packages tailored to them

Heka learns about your employees health and interests, then helps them choose from 1000s of wellbeing experiences to help them live happier and healthier lives.

The history of Heka 🌞

Heka (pronounced Hee-ka) was an ancient Egyptian God of magic and medicine, associated with connecting people with their inner lifeforce. In hieroglyphics, Heka is written the same way as the word "power."

Personalised wellbeing experiences for every employee

Ask a team of 50 what wellbeing means to them, and you'll probably get around 50 different answers. Employee benefits shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. And that's why Heka exists.

Check-ins to track individual employee wellbeing

Your employees can use check-ins to see where they are on different aspects of their wellbeing journey.

Instantly bookable recommendations to boost their wellbeing progress

Heka selects the best experiences based on their check-in, so employees can achieve their goals faster.


Fully managed employee benefits on another level

The Heka team takes care of the pre-launch, launch, onboarding and everyday running of your account. Leaving you time to focus on other important matters... or to grab a cuppa. Your choice.


Your team's new favourite employee benefit

From gym memberships to fertility testing, mental health support to meal kits, private GPs to treetop climbing, Heka has it all. It's no wonder 92% of Heka members feel more valued by their employer.

People Teams 💚 Heka

“Heka enables us to demonstrate the importance we place on our employees’ wellbeing. It allows us to flexibly and directly contribute to the wellness of the team in a simple and transparent way. If you’re considering adding Heka to your benefits – do it.”

Louise Harding
Operations Director at Pod Talent

“Heka is a dream for our employees at Creature and is so easy to use. We’ve had a lot of people mention how Heka has immediately improved their health and lifestyle. I would 100% recommend Heka.”

Becky Dale
Office Manager at Creature

“Heka provides excellent value to our business and employees. The vast range in Heka’s experiences offers invaluable flexibility to reach all of our employees, no matter where they’re working from. Heka is the obvious choice for employee wellbeing, I highly recommend it.”

Lesley Stamps
Director of Administration at Jameson Legal

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