Nutritional support for your employees

A healthier workforce is a happier, more productive one.

That's why free 1:1 consultations, intolerance & allergy tests, and nourishing meal kits are all available on Heka to help transform your company's culture and boost employee wellbeing.

Free nutritional advice with Heka

Supporting the physical health of your employees should go beyond adding a free gym membership benefit and calling it a day. For many, good health starts in the kitchen.

On Heka, your employees can access free personalised 1:1 consultations with licensed nutritionists to help them make make more informed dietary choices.

Healthy heart, healthy mind

From at-home food intolerance and allergy tests to vitamins, supplements and healthy meal kits - employees can find everything they need to uncover hidden dietary challenges and make smarter meal choices to look after their health.

Here's just some of our nutrition partners employees can find on Heka.

It's time for wellbeing to mean something

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