Don't waste money on benefits that your team won't use

Companies save an average £728 per employee every year by using Heka. Not only that, but employees actually use Heka, so you're not throwing money down the drain.

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4 steps to better employee wellbeing

One ☝️

You sign your team up to Heka. The Heka team manages the launch, set up and support for your team.

Two ✌️

Each employee receives a monthly allowance to spend on their health and wellbeing.

Three 🤟

Employees use their allowance to support their immediate wellbeing needs, from 1000s of experiences, products and services.

Four 🤘🤘

With a happier and healthier team, employees feel more valued, engaged and are more productive.

Offer your employees benefits from over 3,000 wellbeing experiences

Heka members have access to thousands of experiences to support their wellbeing

Mental Health Support

Stress and sleep therapy including free consultations for every member


A free financial health check for every member, plus ongoing support if needed

Fertility & Family Planning

Pre-natal supplements, testing kits and a free fertility consultation for each member

Career & Life Coaching

Relationship counselling and career guidance to support employees across all stages of life

Learning & Development

Hundreds of apps and courses to support personal development from languages, to Excel and guitar lessons


From free nutrition consultations to meal kits delivered to your door, Heka supports healthy and sustainable food habits

Gym Memberships & Classes

Choose from over 3000 discounted gym memberships across the UK or book individual fitness classes directly on Heka

& so much more

Book activities such as axe-throwing, order pottery kits to your door or get a subscription to a meditation app, all on Heka

Truly admin-free benefits for your team

From launching Heka (in-person or virtually), Heka takes care of getting your team set up to dealing with any ongoing support.

It doesn't stop there, Heka covers every wellbeing benefit for your team, meaning less time spent managing multiple benefit systems!

"The Heka team have been a pleasure to deal with - thanks for making the process so easy!"
Chantal Cantle
Head of People @ Balderton Capital

Boost retention by making employees feel really cared for

Heka members feel like their organisation actually cares about their wellbeing. In fact, 92% of employees are less likely to leave their job if they have Heka.

Improve productivity, morale and hit your HR team's goals

97% of HR teams say Heka helps them achieve their goals, including creating a healthier workforce, improving mental wellbeing, increasing employee engagement and adding value to employees' lives.

"Heka is helping us create a healthier, more productive workplace."
Adam Dolman
Managing Director at Stirling Warrington

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