Support your team through running a marathon to starting a family, and everything in between.

Heka curates the widest and deepest collection of wellbeing experiences so you can support your employees through whatever life throws at them.

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1. Decide that your old benefits are kinda... old

Change can be hard, but Heka is here to make this change the easiest and best you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking credit for.

2. Choose a wellbeing package for your team

Heka has wellbeing subscriptions to suit every budget, whether you're a law firm with 30 employees or a tech company with 2,000.

3. Heka takes care of the launch — and beyond!

From this point on, the Heka team becomes your partner in criminally good benefits. Employee has a question? We respond on the same working day. New wellbeing trend? It’s probably already on Heka.

4. Your team chooses the support they need

Heka has over 5,000 wellbeing experiences and counting. Employees can log in at any time, get personalised recommendations, and choose whatever they need in that moment to make them healthier, happier people.

One platform

No more hunting for several different wellbeing solutions. With Heka, employees can access thousands of handpicked wellbeing experiences, services and products on one personalised platform.

Global offering

Heka’s marketplace is full of thousands of experiences available to international employees. So no matter where you team is based, they feel valued and cared for with the best employee benefits.

Reward & recognition

Surprise and delight employees with extra Heka balance. Add allowance to their account in just a few clicks, for birthdays, workaversaries or just a job well done. Recognition has never been so easy.

Gym memberships

Members can use their
balance to fund gym memberships on Heka. From every major chain you can think of, to independent, local studios and classes, it’s all on Heka.

Inclusive benefits

Bringing together every type of wellbeing benefit on the market under one roof means there’s something for everyone on Heka. This is why it’s the most inclusive benefit available for your team.

Transparent pricing

Heka members see and spend their balance in pounds, we never hide behind points. And we’re equally simple and transparent with what companies pay for Heka. Check out our pricing for companies here.

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