5,000+ benefits. One platform. Zero hassle.

Gone are the days of adding *just one more* app or service to support your employees' wellbeing. Heka has it all in one place.

One platform to replace every other wellbeing benefit.

Option A: Heka

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Option B: At least 10 other things

Gym membership

Financial wellbeing

Cash plan

Learning platform

Mental health app

Therapy support

Co-working membership

Fitness classes


Fertility consultations

Menopause support

Nutrition consultations

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“We don’t have any other wellbeing benefits because Heka has it all.”

Shakira Beach, People Director

The Goat Agency, a WPP company

“Heka is a no brainer”

Chantel Cantle, Balderton Capital’s Head of People said that. And it’s true! Here’s what you get with Heka vs what employers typically offer.

It's time for wellbeing to mean something

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