Analysing employee wellbeing trends in Q4 2022

The final quarter of 2022 was nothing short of unpredictable. As the recession spiralled further, many employers were faced with even more challenges than in the quarter previous.

If anything Q4 offered a glimpse into the near future in 2023. It emphasised some of the setbacks businesses can expect; poor retention, job satisfaction, and a disengaged workforce — just to name a few.

But, instead of dwelling on the challenges, leaders must look for the light at the end of the tunnel. In this report, we’re assessing the latest trends we’ve seen on our wellbeing platform.

From learning and development uptake in Q4 to the rise of self-care products and spa/massage experiences. There are ups and downs in our final report for 2022.

Whilst the likes of outdoor experiences dropped, other categories flourished. But, what can leaders take from this Q4 report to support their business in the opening months of 2023?

Well, it’s simple, we predict that some of the trends in this resource will continue OR grow exponentially.

By the end of our Q4 report, we’ll make some predictions about Q1 2023.

But, this report should be coupled with our Wellbeing Trends Report 2023. Here, we look at the wellbeing landscape for the next twelve months. A much deeper dive into the trends that should take shape in the way of health and wellbeing.

Both of these resources will equip you with everything you need to know to build healthier, happier teams!

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