Spring 2024 Employee Wellbeing Report

We've tracked tens of thousands of employees over the last few months to see what employee benefits they want the most.

It's allowed us to see new trends emerge, old trends fade away, and have some foresight into how wellbeing trends will change across Summer.

And so, we've collated all of that into the bite-size report.

If you’re an employee wellbeing maestro and want to stay ahead of the emerging wellbeing trends, this report is for you.

In this Spring 2024 Employee Wellbeing Report, you’ll find:

  • Detailed data from across this year that you won't find anywhere else
  • The most popular wellbeing benefits over the last few months
  • What wellbeing trends the data suggests and how it differs from last year
  • How wellbeing needs are going to change in the next few months.

Improve your employee wellbeing by being informed. Download the Spring 2024 Employee Wellbeing Report now.

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