Heka's 5 steps to 5k

A quick summary:

It's the Heka Racers first monthly challenge and all you need to do is run a 5k!

If it's your first 5k, or you haven't run in a while, check out our five handy tips below to get you started.

1) Make sure your shoes fit

A good pair of running shoes is really important to support your feet through a run. They will prevent injuries, make the run more enjoyable and improve your overall performance.

2) Get a killer playlist

Create a killer playlist with all your favourite upbeat tunes so you can run to the tempo and really get into 'the zone'. Going on a run also provides the perfect time to catch up on that podcast you've been wanting to listen to for a while. Just be careful to keep an eye out for cars, other runners and pedestrians whilst you've got your earphones in! P.S. singing along and occasional dance moves are highly encouraged.

3) Make time for it

Set time aside for the run and take your time, just getting out and doing it is half the battle! Take your time and enjoy being out of the house and moving. If you're struggling to find time, try waking up slightly earlier or taking some time out at lunch and head to your local park for a run. Remind yourself that running decreases stress, gives you energy, and provides some “me time” in the midst of a busy day.

4) Stretch it out

Well done! You've finished your run. Before you shower or re-fuel, it's important to stretch those hard worked muscles out.

Stretching your leg muscles will help prevent injury, improve future performance and ease any post-run pain.

For more information on preventing running injuries, check out our provider LDN Physio's top tips here.

5) Plan something fun for after

Whether it's some dedicated time to Netflix, a good book, a bubble bath or a tasty meal, having something to look forward to on the run will serve as great motivation. You'll also be full of endorphins so enjoy that post-exercise buzz!