Tips on how to become a 'best place to work'

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What makes a “best place to work”? This is a question which all CEOs, founders, HR managers and People leaders have asked themselves. At least once. In fact, a quick google search will reveal hundreds of best practices, strategies and tips to create award-winning work cultures. However, they all share one thing in common:

A “best place to work”, necessarily and without fail, makes employees feel valued.

To make employees feel valued requires being attuned to cultural shifts and individual expectations, and most importantly, acting upon these. We conducted over 20 in-depth interviews with passionate People people, including leaders at Monzo, Trouva and Mind UK, and these revealed 5 important trends to watch in today’s workforce landscape

Read on to discover what areas you need to be focusing on to make your employees feel valued and become a ‘best place to work’.

Learning & Development

Employees are looking for a company that supports them in developing the abilities and skills to succeed in the new world economy.

Recent events shone a light on the fragility of the financial system and the speed at which jobs can become obsolete. Unsurprisingly then, companies that show a commitment to supporting employees in developing both professional and personal skills, will be able to attract and retain top talent. In fact, 93% of employees say they will stay longer at a company that invests in their career and skill development.

At Heka we understand that L&D is not only a way for companies to make the employer proposition shinier, but it is also a way to help make employees feel safe and valued. With over 90% of UK HR leaders reporting that skills development (both professional and personal) will be a focus for 2021 and onwards, Heka allows client organisations to remain the ‘employer of choice’ by providing education opportunities for employees.

Via courses covering everything from finance to nutrition, employees with access to Heka can easily learn and develop new skills, which is undoubtedly a deal-breaker at a time when many employees feel that personal growth opportunities have been reduced from working from home.

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Inclusion & Personalisation

Employees expect to receive a personalised employee experience regardless of their background, life-stage and/or individual needs.

Diverse companies are not only more likely to achieve above-average profitability (up to 25% more likely than non-diverse companies) but are also preferred by employees who seek to learn from their colleagues and feel like they belong. Fostering inclusivity requires personalising the employee experience for each employee and ensuring that no matter their needs and preferences, they feel that the company is prepared to meet them where they are at.

As well as making employees feel valued, personalising the employee experience allows companies to optimise ROI. Indeed, when each person is given the necessary tools and environment to be the best version of themselves, their performance is inevitably maximised.

This is why Heka’s algorithms are designed to provide personalised recommendations for each individual in a diverse workforce. As a result, you can nurture an inclusive culture where employees 1) feel like they truly belong in your company and 2) know that you have all the measures in place to support them in any area of need.

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Reward & recognition

Did you know that 82% of employees consider recognition critical to their happiness at work? The importance of rewards and recognition for employees has only increased in a remote working landscape where a high-five, a nod of approval, or an appreciation nudge have become impossible.

A recent survey found that only 41% of employees feel satisfied at the end of a typical working week, whilst other research shows over 45% will not go ‘above and beyond’ at work because they think they won’t be acknowledged. Hence, providing suitable recognition is critical, not only to make employees feel valued, but also to ensure that individuals are performing to the best of their ability.

On the Heka platform, employers and team leaders can allocate credits to specific teams and/or individuals to show them that they are valued members of the company. Furthermore, our Heka Events service provides clients with a full event proposal within 48 hours, so that you can just sit back and relax while your team enjoys and bond in an event designed to acknowledge their hard work.

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Holistic wellbeing support

It is no secret that wellbeing support has become an expectation from all workplaces.

Research by Mercer suggests that over 64% of employees globally feel that they are at risk of burnout within the next month. Furthermore, at the start of 2021, 41% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. As a result, employees are looking for companies that *truly* care about their wellbeing, and that will go above and beyond to support them in their wellness journey.


A holistic wellbeing solution will take a different shape and form based on the person. At times it may look like a massage or a boxing session, while at other times it may look like a healthy smoothie or a fertility consultation. This is why Heka offers a portfolio of over 1000  mental, physical and lifestyle wellness experiences, which employees can enjoy depending on how they feel on a particular day.

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Time and location freedom

Remote working and flexible hours are here to stay and employees are looking for organisations that honour that.

Research found that 4/5 employees want location flexibility and 47% would consider quitting if this demand is not met. So what do time and location freedom actually look like? It looks like people working in different time-zones; constantly changing their location from a workspace to their homes, to a café, to an Airbnb in Spain; designing their schedule in a way that accounts for their children, their elderly parents, or their menstrual cycle; and taking time to rest and recover when needed.

At Heka, we know how important it is for you to support your team regardless of their schedule or location, which is why employees have access to on-demand, in-person, delivery and live-streaming experiences. Whether an individual is in the city center and can pop into their local spinning studio; or whether they are quarantining in a hotel and want to distress with on-demand meditation; or whether they want to enjoy healthy meals delivered to their door with their family, Heka provides true time and location freedom.


In an era labeled as ‘the great resignation’, where 38% of employees are planning to quit in the next six months to a year, the pressure on employers to meet employee expectations is greater than ever. Becoming a ‘best place to work’ requires more effort than it did before, however, by focusing on the 5 trends described above, you can create a culture where employees truly feel valued.

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