How to choose employee wellbeing providers for your business

A quick summary:

  • Streamlined management and customer service
  • Personalisation for your entire team
  • Affordable and flexible pricing
  • Has an immediate impact on the lives of employees
  • Using Heka for employee wellbeing

How do you choose employee wellbeing providers that are right for your team? There are countless tools, resources and platforms out there. We want to make the decision as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you. Unlike some guides, we’ve left out the frills, sales pitches and unnecessary details. 

Your time is our top-level priority, and so we’ve provided you with only the essentials when choosing employee wellbeing providers. On that note, let’s jump right into these key points.

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tips for choosing employee wellbeing providers

Tips for choosing employee wellbeing providers

Below, we’ve explored 4 key areas that HR leaders should consider before investing in ANY employee wellbeing providers. These are based on common concerns and questions we hear from HR professionals when looking for employee wellbeing solutions.

Streamlined management and customer service

There is nothing worse than investing your company’s hard-earned money into software and tools that require just as much of your time as before. The idea behind employee wellbeing providers, tools and programmes is simple – provide a hands-off approach that gives you back your time. 

If you’re searching for robust employee wellbeing providers, efficiency in way of management and customer service should be a high priority. You should consider platforms and programmes that enable you to step back. 

Of course, leadership teams must be involved in employee wellbeing, it’s an ongoing task and technology alone can only go so far. Leaders should also take the time to listen to the concerns, thoughts and feelings of their team. 

But when you couple this with technology, employee wellbeing can thrive in your workplace. It empowers leaders with analytics and insights into wellbeing in their company – or as we like to say, the firepower to revamp employee wellbeing moving forward.

Management and customer service questions to ask employee wellbeing providers:

  • Can customer service be reached via email or telephone?
  • How long will it take for any issues to be addressed and resolved?
  • Are my team able to reach out with any concerns?
  • How much of the process is automated and managed without our help?

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Streamlining management and customer service for your business

Personalisation for your entire team

If the workplace has taught us anything in 2022, it’s that employee wellbeing must be a personalised experience. It’s not enough to offer a generic list of incentives and perks and hope they stick. If anything, this simply costs employers more money in underutilised benefits. 

Instead, employee wellbeing providers should support organisations in personalising their wellbeing support. To achieve this, platforms, tools and resources should offer variety. There must be something for everyone in all organisations, big or small. There’s no definite answer to personal health and wellbeing, and what works for one employee may not work for the next. 

This is something employers should listen to and act on. By using employee wellbeing providers that offer variety, they needn’t invest in multiple wellbeing partners, when one platform is all that’s needed. 

Personalisation questions to ask employee wellbeing providers:

  • How many unique wellbeing experiences do you offer?
  • Can my team make recommendations for future wellbeing experiences?
  • Does your programme or platform cater for remote workers?
  • Does your programme or platform offer in-person experiences?
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Personalisation is key to health and wellbeing at work

Affordable and flexible pricing

Businesses exist to make a profit, thrive and provide a solution for their customers. For this reason, affordable and flexible pricing is essential. There is very little reason to invest beyond what your business can afford. Although it may strengthen employee wellbeing tenfold, if the business is taking financial damage it will only be short-lived.

Instead, leaders should seek out employee wellbeing providers that are flexible with their pricing strategy. A programme or platform that understands how to provide a unique service for SMEs and large corporations. 

If you’re looking for employee wellbeing providers, ensure they work for both your employees and the business. That way, you can sustainably support employee wellbeing without selling false promises to employees when the money runs out to continue with an employee wellbeing programme or platform. 

For example, here at Heka, we offer a fair pricing strategy that can support teams of all sizes. We know a ‘one size fits all’ approach just isn’t feasible and budgets are different for all businesses. You can request a pricing quote with us here at Heka.

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pricing questions to ask employee wellbeing providers:

  • Can your programme or platform cater for our budget? 
  • Are there any hidden/additional costs we should be aware of? 
  • How does your pricing structure work for X amount of employees?
  • What is your programme or platform’s cancellation policy?
  • Can we request pricing information prior to a demo?
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Affordable and flexible pricing strategies for your company

Offers an immediate impact on the lives of employees

Choosing employee wellbeing providers is no easy job. As we’ve seen from the four points above, extra care should be taken, and questions should be asked. Our final point is ensuring employee wellbeing providers can offer an immediate impact on the lives of your team.

Every programme or platform you consider should offer an array of experiences, products and services; those that can be used immediately, and with results. Too often, employee wellbeing perks include health insurance and other schemes are designed for potential outcomes in the future. 

This is no longer enough for employees who deserve better immediate health and wellbeing support from their employer. Take Heka for example, employees can access healthy meal kits, virtual GPs, life coaching and much more at the click of a button. These wellbeing experiences help users navigate their current employee wellbeing needs – especially given how often our wellbeing needs change month-to-month. 

Heka continues to add experiences, products and services that are high in demand and support the lives of employees in the present. See how it works.

platform impact questions to ask employee wellbeing providers:

  • Is there a wide variety of perks and incentives my team can enjoy today?
  • Are there any benefits that can’t be used in the immediate term?
  • Why should I choose a wellbeing platform over a general rewards scheme?
  • Have you selected your wellbeing experiences based on user needs?

A final note from us at Heka

There you have it! Our four key points for choosing employee wellbeing providers for your organisation. Hopefully, you see the value in this set of questions to ask employee wellbeing providers and recognise that much thought must be given to this decision before a purchase is made. 

If you’d like to find out what our customers think about Heka, visit our case studies page here. For more insightful content on employee wellbeing, visit our resources!

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