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Using a workplace happiness survey has driven many businesses closer to success in recent years. Employees are demanding better initiatives and perks, but also those that support them on an individual level. But not all leaders got the memo. The question on the minds of a lot of organisations is “how do I create a workplace happiness survey?

Below, we’re diving into the function of a workplace happiness survey, including the steps needed to construct your own. One that you can tailor to your own workforce, industry and general set-up.

Before we dive into some of the questions you can use in your workplace happiness survey, let’s talk about what exactly workplace happiness is.

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What is workplace happiness?

What is workplace happiness?

Workplace happiness is dictated by the environment that leadership teams create, employees' job satisfaction, and the health and wellbeing of people at work. While there are a number of other considerations, Heka recognises these as the most important to any workplace happiness strategy. 

It’s a combination of the characteristics above that creates a workplace people enjoy. And as you may know, happier employees work harder. Research conducted by Oxford University found that employees who are happier at work are 13 per cent more productive. 

If employees want to tap into increased productivity, better performance, retention, engagement and more, they must develop their workplace happiness. 

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Creating a workplace happiness survey

Creating a workplace happiness survey

Instead of bombarding you with hundreds of workplace happiness survey questions, we’ve put together only the most important. The questions chosen below will give you a clear overview of your workplace happiness.

Sometimes, too many questions can send your workplace happiness survey into information overload. We recommend that you use the questions below as a starting point. No two work environments are the same, and they all require individual attention from their leadership teams. 

Without personalising your workplace happiness survey you run the risk of receiving the wrong information. And with the wrong data, your next move may not be the right one to create a healthier, happier workforce. 

Take a look at our list of questions to include in your workplace happiness survey:

Work environment questions

  • Would you like to see more flexibility in working arrangements?
  • Do you think the workspace layout supports your happiness?
  • Are you able to access all the equipment needed to carry out your job?
  • Would you agree the workplace supports collaboration?
  • Would you agree the workplace supports communication?
  • Do you feel comfortable socialising with colleagues?
  • Do you feel positive about the workplace atmosphere?
  • Would you like to see a suggestions box?
  • What three words would you use to describe the workspace?

Colleague relationship questions

  • Do you feel comfortable socialising with colleagues?
  • Would you like more communal spaces in the workplace?
  • Do you think flexible working impacts colleague relationships?
  • How would you describe your relationship with leadership teams?
  • Are there enough opportunities for you to get to know colleagues? 
  • Would you like to collaborate with colleagues more often?
  • Do you feel comfortable discussing personal topics with colleagues?
  • Are your ideas heard by colleagues and managers?

Role and responsibility questions

  • Does your role and the tasks involved make you happy at work?
  • Are there ample opportunities to progress, and would this benefit your happiness?
  • Have you considered leaving due to your role in the past 6 months?
  • Are there any responsibilities that impact your happiness in the workplace?
  • Does your role provide enough collaboration with colleagues?
  • Do you feel you can ask for support with your role?
  • Does your current salary impact your health and wellbeing?

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What to do next with your workplace happiness survey results

What to do with your workplace happiness survey results

The results from your workplace happiness survey should provide you with a clearer understanding of your team’s health and wellbeing and how they perceive the working environment. 

With the results, it’s recommended that leadership teams come together to find out the next best step. The data your workplace happiness survey provides may suggest that more learning and development opportunities are required. You may notice that employees want to collaborate much more, or that flexible working is hindering workplace relationships. 

Ultimately, the results are there to be actioned, and without action, organisations will continue to face the same problems.  By utilising the results of your workplace happiness survey, your business can benefit from improved employee job satisfaction, better engagement and see lower employee turnover. 

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Meet Heka

Heka is an employee wellbeing platform built for employees across the UK. Through thousands of wellbeing experiences, services and products, employees can take back control of their workplace happiness once and for all. 

The results of your workplace happiness survey may suggest that Heka can help boost happiness in your workplace. If you would like to find out how Heka can benefit your employee wellbeing strategy, get in touch by booking a demo with one of our wellbeing experts.

Alternatively, why not find out more from our blog here.

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