7 small life changes to help your mental health

A quick summary:

It's okay not to be okay. But knowing how to help yourself, isn't always easy.

It may feel like you don't know where to start or that there's almost 'too much' information out there. It may even feel like you need to have a profound epiphany or life changing experience in order to feel better - but this isn't always the case.

In celebration of World Mental Health Day 2021, we've partnered with Support Room for our '7 small changes campaign' (one for each day of the week!). These small changes can be more easily adapted into everyday life and may help improve your mental health.

Mental health is incredibly subjective - one size does not fit all. So if none, all, or some of these suggestions resonate with you,  that's all absolutely fine. Everyone is on their own journey.


The 'Monday Blues' can be a very real experience for some. For this, we recommend the best natural endorphin inducer known - exercise. Go with what your body tells you, if you feel up to a big sweaty HITT, fantastic! But if you would prefer something more gentle, a nice long walk will do the trick.

We recommend: Digme HIIT + BLOK Pilates


Asking for help is our advice for everyday of the week. If you're feeling overwhelmed or as if you can't cope alone, set aside some time to reach out to a friend, family, trusted one or professional to talk. It's a small but very important step in healing.

We recommend: Support Room


Accepting who you are is crucial for a healthy mental being. This can take time and mental energy - it's a journey not a sprint. A good starting point may be meditation, practicing daily affirmations or writing down a list of your most cherished characteristics/what makes you unique.

We recommend: Aura Health App + Eleven Meditation Box


The weekend is on the horizon. What better way to celebrate than to spend time with the ones you love? Interacting with friends and family boosts mood, self-esteem and deepens the strength of your relationships with others. There's nothing quite like it.

We recommend: Whistle Punks Axe Throwing + FC Urban London


The end of the working week marks an apt time to reflect. Journaling doesn't need to be rigid or well written. A simple jotting of thoughts, feelings, ideas and ambitions can help clear your mind of the week thus far and set some positive intentions for the future.

We recommend: Binta Patel Life Coaching + The Sunshine Mindfulness Box (with journal!)


Do something fun! And we can't stress this bit enough. Turn. Off. Your. Emails. Your mind body and soul will thank you for some time without work bubbling away in the background. This day is for you, enjoy by doing whatever makes you happy.

We recommend: AIM Escape Room + Learning With Experts Cooking Class


The day of self-care. Think about what self-care means for you (beauty is in the eye of the beholder here) and really take the time to look after yourself. Looking for some inspiration? Our favourites include: a nice hot bath, a gentle yoga class or reading a new book.

We recommend: Scentered Aromatherapy + Breathe Magazine

And remember, be kind to yourself, always.