The power of wellbeing gifts for staff

A quick summary:

  • What are staff wellbeing gifts? 🔎
  • When should I give my staff wellbeing gifts? 💭
  • 3 wellbeing gift ideas for my team💡
  • Staff wellbeing gifts vs employee wellbeing platform 🤔
  • Our verdict on wellbeing gifts for staff 🏆

Recognition and rewards are powerful functions in a business. Considered psychological drivers of employee engagement, they create win-win scenarios for both employer and employee. 

That said, the rewards scheme in many workplaces has been somewhat stale for many years. Instead of meaningful incentives, employees are given a ‘shout out’ or a thank you card. 

And while this may be in good nature, it doesn’t really motivate employees to strive for more. What’s the answer? Staff wellbeing gifts. Here we’re looking at what makes for great wellbeing gifts for staff, and some prime examples to try. 

We’ll also make a close comparison between wellbeing gifts for staff and an employee wellbeing platform like Heka. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to offering rewards that employees love. 

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What are staff wellbeing gifts?

What are staff wellbeing gifts?

Let’s start with the most burning question of them all, what are staff wellbeing gifts? A staff wellbeing gift can come in various forms:

  • Wellbeing subscription boxes
  • Holistic Wellness experiences
  • Handmade health and wellbeing hampers

They are products, services or experiences aimed at boosting personal health and wellbeing. Remember: by taking care of our wellbeing, we can thrive in our careers. This is key detail leaders must remember when investing in recognition and rewards. 

Instead of offering a bottle of champagne, why not treat your employee to alcohol-free champagne? Instead of a three-month subscription to Netflix, why not offer a massage experience? The list of staff wellbeing gifts goes on, and there are alternatives for everything.

Sometimes health and wellbeing can be a costly game, but look hard enough and you’ll find it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at when exactly you should give your staff wellbeing gifts.

When should I give my staff wellbeing gifts?

Believe it or not, there is reason to avoid recognition and rewards too often. Done regularly and businesses can see huge benefits, but recognition given for the smallest of achievements can lead to poor performance and negative consequences for other employees who aren’t receiving recognition. 

Leaders should be honest and transparent with staff wellbeing gifts. Highlight why a particular employee has been rewarded and make sure it is with good reason. This will quash any negative implications that can sometimes come with recognition and rewards.

Now, let’s turn our attention to three wellbeing gifts for staff. Remember, these are just ideas, and you should quiz your team on the kind of staff wellbeing gifts they would like to receive – employee wellbeing must be personalised to be successful. 

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Three wellbeing gifts for staff

Three wellbeing gifts for staff

Below we’ve discussed wellness experiences, the idea of a staff wellbeing basket and healthy office snacks. These three wellbeing gifts for staff can help transform your recognition and rewards scheme.

Wellness experiences

Starting with our favourite, wellness experiences. There are many wellness experiences you can offer as wellbeing gifts for staff. Whether it’s spa treatments, yoga classes, Sound bathing experiences or outdoor activities like treetop climbing. 

Anything that gets the blood pumping and helps employees achieve better health and wellbeing is definitely worth considering. Experiences make for great staff wellbeing gifts because they can be something to remember. 

Think back to the last meaningful experience you had, compared to the last luxury purchase you made. It’s likely you enjoy the memories and thoughts of what you achieved or participated in. To put it simply, the novelty of material possessions wears over time.

Heka users are able to access thousands of health and wellbeing experiences. This includes life coaching, spa days, fitness classes, breathwork training and many more. Find out how much Heka can benefit your team by arranging a demo with our wellbeing experts.

Staff wellbeing basket

Have you ever received a handmade hamper? One included your favourite luxuries in life? That’s exactly what a staff wellbeing basket is, but with an emphasis on improving health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Your staff wellbeing basket must be personal, which requires good knowledge of the receiver’s interests and hobbies. If you know they are big foodies, consider a book on nutrients and healthy recipes, if they are fans of self-care, include candles and other aromatherapy gifts.

Constructing any kind of staff wellbeing basket takes care and consideration. Speak with other colleagues who may have a better idea of what the receiver likes and dislikes. Why not get to know the person even more? Ask them directly what they enjoy doing health and wellbeing wise. 

The staff wellbeing basket can be an affordable option and alternative to other more expensive staff wellbeing gifts. You should bare that in mind when looking for wellbeing gifts for staff.

Providing you get creative, your staff wellbeing basket is an amazing opportunity to recognise and reward a member of your team.

Healthy snacks both in the office or at home

Finally, let’s talk healthy office snacks. Many workspaces aren’t designed to boost employee health and wellbeing. In fact, some are made to negatively impact employee wellbeing. Think fake walls and toxic management.

By supplying employees with the likes of healthy protein snacks, you are helping them take control of their health and wellbeing in the workplace. You could even give employees subscriptions to healthy snacks that they like, delivered straight to their door.

For instance, if you have employees who follow the vegan diet, you can offer a month’s subscription to vegan snacks. Alternatively, you could reward employees with a subscription box to healthy snacks for whoever has done a great job each week or month. It may not be a box of chocolates, but it can taste just as good!

And that, in a nutshell is what makes healthy snacks great wellbeing gifts for staff. Moving forward, let’s assess the difference between staff wellbeing gifts and employee wellbeing platforms.

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Staff wellbeing gifts vs employee wellbeing platform

Staff wellbeing gifts vs employee wellbeing platform

So, what are the major differences between staff wellbeing gifts and an employee wellbeing platform like Heka. Firstly, staff wellbeing gifts aren’t easily manageable. Unless someone is responsible for purchasing and delivering the gift to the employee, it can often get overlooked and neglected. 

Employee wellbeing platforms often offer customer support and require little management. Take Heka for example, we have a team on hand to help with any inquiries or requests. 

What’s more, in comparison to use of employee wellbeing platforms, staff wellbeing gifts may not be as affordable for organisations. Most employee wellbeing platforms build strong relationships with health and wellbeing partners, which means they can offer a competitive price to users.

Ultimately, buying staff wellbeing gifts from general high-street shops can become a costly game in the long-run – one businesses should avoid, and can avoid with employee wellbeing platforms. 

Our final point to make in the battle between staff wellbeing gifts and wellness platforms is variety and personalisation. With platforms like Heka, employees are empowered to take control of their own health and wellbeing. 

Based on the allowance they receive each month, they choose the wellbeing experiences they want. There’s no guesswork from managers, as it comes down to employee choice. 

With more than a thousand experiences, products and services, some employee wellbeing platforms make variety possible. As we’ve mentioned, wellbeing must be personalised, and only through offering variety across multiple wellbeing categories can this be achieved.

Our verdict on staff wellbeing gifts

Staff wellbeing gifts are a great idea. We believe you should incorporate them into a wider employee wellbeing strategy. The best scenario is to have an employee wellbeing platform and regularly recognise and reward with staff wellbeing gifts.

Any form of recognition and reward can be powerful, as we’ve explored in this blog post. A combination of techniques and strategies will help you boost employee engagement, retention, job satisfaction and performance – just to name a few. 

Hopefully, you now see the benefits of wellbeing gifts for staff and the impact they can make. Still looking for more inspiration? Visit our blog for other amazing insights into the world of employee wellbeing.