Putting mind matters first for healthier, happier teams

From the 15th to the 21st of May 2023, it is Mental Health Awareness Week. A time to open up discussion around the impacts of poor mental health and what we can do for both ourselves and those around us.

This year’s theme is anxiety. Something that 6 in 100 people experience in any given week in England, according to the charity Mind. But what does poor mental health mean for businesses and their people?

In this no-fluff resource, we walk you through ten pages which cover the basics of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023:

  1. What is it and when is it?
  2. Why leaders should invest in mental health support
  3. How organisations can get involved in MHAW 2023
  4. Bonus ideas you can’t ignore!

You’ll discover all the tips and tools you need to refresh your culture and create an openness around mental health and wellbeing at work. Because only when employees feel their best can they truly be their best.

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