Making sense of employee wellbeing trends in Q2 2022

Like Q1, employee wellbeing has been a whirlwind of trends. From global leaders dismissing remote and hybrid working, to the cost-of-living crisis demanding better financial wellbeing in the workplace – a lot has happened. 

In our latest quarterly employee wellbeing trends report, the Heka team reflects on the past few months, analysing user data and how that fits into the bigger picture. From a 370% increase in Nutrition products and services to a 300% increase in CBD products, Heka users have explored wellbeing to its full potential. 

It’s no secret that times are hard, and as the UK faces a recession, we’ve made our health and wellbeing predictions for Q3. From personalisation to virtual healthcare, we see employee wellbeing becoming even more of a priority. 

We’ve left nothing out in this employee wellbeing report, and leaders will find all the trends and statistics they need to make better decisions for their team’s wellbeing.

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