How to create an employee recognition wall display

A quick summary:

  • Decide how often to change your employee recognition wall display
  • Don’t give out recognition and praise for just anything
  • Assign responsibility for the employee recognition wall display
  • Consider incorporating a meaningful reward scheme
  • Our final thoughts on an employee recognition display

The office space is a funny concept. They can motivate employees, and inspire creativity, but they can also negatively affect productivity, performance and more. Ultimately, it’s how leaders choose to design their workspace that determines these results. 

Here we’re looking at the idea of an employee recognition wall display. From start to finish, we’ll walk you through the best tips and tricks to develop a space in your office for better recognition. 

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Considerations for your employee recognition wall display

Considerations for your employee recognition wall display 

There are a number of ways to use your wall space for workplace recognition. The first is to recognise the accomplishments of employees in any given week, month or year. If you’re trying to improve engagement, this may be your best option. 

That said, your employee recognition wall display could also be used to highlight the board of directors, including their photo and title. It could also be in the form of a timeline – showcasing the road to success the company has made, and the individuals involved. 

Get creative with it and you’ll find many ways to develop an employee recognition wall display. In this post, however, we’re focusing on how your display can drive better engagement. 

If there’s one thing we know about engagement, it’s that employees are much more productive, perform better and generally enjoy their job more when they are engaged. 

In addition to your employee benefits package, and any other incentives and perks, an employee recognition wall display is a great idea.

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Decide on how frequent you will recognise employee accomplishments

To kick things off, let’s talk about the most important aspect of any successful employee recognition wall display – the frequency of recognition. 

Some companies use their employee recognition wall display to highlight achievements from last week, last month, the past quarter or on an annual basis. The decision is really up to you, but bare this in mind:

If you only recognise accomplishments each quarter or year, a simple message on a corkboard might not do the trick. Instead, come up with affordable and meaningful ways to show your appreciation for an employee’s hard work. This might be a spot on the employee recognition wall display, but also a small gift voucher or something else.

Ultimately, by setting the frequency in which you want to share praise, it creates a solid expectation throughout your team. 

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Recognition for just anything and everything can be damaging

Don’t give recognition to just anything and everything

Closely followed by the frequency at which you praise employees with your employee recognition display wall, it must be decided what warrants being on display. 

Although it’s good to acknowledge employee accomplishments (both big and small), too much recognition can actually have a negative impact. 

By recognising the smallest of achievements, you are setting a standard for expectations throughout the company. All of a sudden, employees will realise that recognition and rewards from leadership teams just don’t hold much weight – they’re given out loosely and without much meaning. 

It also means many employees will become toxic if they don’t receive recognition for small wins just as their peers have. Of course, this will create mayhem for managers who will find themselves focusing more on who hasn’t received praise instead of who genuinely deserves it. 

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Decide on who is responsible for the employee recognition wall display

Without proper management of your new wall display, it’s likely recognition and praise will run dry. Someone must be appointed the responsibility of managing the display itself, and the decision each week, month, quarter or year.

This is really down to leadership teams. It may be that co-managing the employee recognition wall display is the best option (freeing up time for everyone to focus on their own tasks). 

Ultimately, like anything, mismanagement will lead to poor results, and in the case of employee recognition, an unhappy workforce. After assigning the role of looking after the display, here’s what they should do on a regular basis:

  1. Redesign the employee recognition wall display with new quotes and images
  2. Ensure anyone else responsible for the wall space knows what to do
  3. The general maintenance of the display, ensuring it stays intact.
  4. Announcing and informing employees of their accomplishments

As you can see, there are a number of responsibilities involved with an employee recognition wall display. 

Decide on a reward scheme as part of your employee recognition display

Finally, let’s talk about reward schemes. While they are a nice idea, done incorrectly and they do more harm than good. Along with your leadership team, you should decide on an appropriate budget depending on your frequency. 

That way, employees not only receive praise for their achievements but also a small gift, voucher or experience. It doesn’t have to break the bank, it just has to be meaningful. 

While an employee recognition wall display alone can help increase engagement, the addition of a small gift can propel engagement even further. Among your leadership team, decide on ideas that can be gifted to employees, avoiding generic options. 

Although chocolates are nice to receive, giving everyone and anyone a box of chocolates all the time isn’t a meaningful reward. Instead, look to gift something like book tokens or vouchers to their favourite shop/restaurant. 

Rewarding employees isn’t a complicated process. Providing leaders personalise their reward process, employees will appreciate it much more and feel like a valued part of the team. 

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Our final thoughts on an employee recognition wall display

Our final thoughts on using an employee recognition wall display

There you have it, our four considerations when creating an employee recognition wall display. All in all, we believe that any kind of recognition display depends on good management and commitment and genuine praise and rewards.

It can be an effective strategy when combined with a wider rewards strategy, and we recommend leaders consider using some of the empty wall space to bring about some colour – all in the name of boosting employee engagement.

We all need praise and recognition from time to time. And employee engagement is an essential ingredient to a successful workforce.

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