Decoding employee wellbeing in Q1 2022 for a healthier future

What Q1 employee wellbeing trends can tell us about the future, so leaders can take action for healthier employees! 🚀

It’s a wrap! The end of Q1 came with many fascinating learnings around employee wellbeing, and what we should expect moving forward. The first quarter of 2022 hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but as we head away from the global pandemic, life is looking a little brighter!

In our latest resource, we’re giving you an insightful look into the statistics from our employee wellbeing platform - delving deeper into what people are booking, and why? We’ll also take a look at how our data stacks up against worldwide insights, in a bid to predict the next quarter for health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

What will I learn in this report? 📚

In 17 pages, you will discover a fascinating insight into statistics and facts around learning and development, mental health initiatives, the bounce-back of outdoor activities, financial wellbeing, family planning trends and more!

  • Making sense of Heka member data in a world of uncertainty
  • Why leaders must take note of wellbeing statistics and trends
  • What LinkedIn says about learning and development
  • Our predictions for health and wellbeing in the workplace in Q2, 2022

We’ve left nothing out in our Q1 employee wellbeing report! Download your FREE copy today and gain a deeper understanding of the wellbeing landscape of 2022, along with the knowledge to make Q2 even stronger for your team’s health and happiness!

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