"A place to find things that make you happy" — Tumelo

Established at Cambridge University, Tumelo’s technology empowers investors with data and insight into the companies they own. Their mission is to revolutionise the existing, and failing, investment system that millions of people use.

In 2021, Tumelo joined Heka’s employee wellbeing platform, and hasn’t looked back since. They’re a team that truly understands the value of workplace benefits.

Our initial question to Tumelo was, “How important are benefits to Tumelo's culture and people?” and their response was nothing short of brilliance:

“Benefits are really important. Compensation to us isn’t just salary. Salary pays the bills but benefits have to actually benefit the individual. We’re not a one size fits all company, so we wouldn’t want a one size fits all benefits package.”

In addition to this question, we took the opportunity to ask their Tumelo about their experience with Heka, and how it has supported their business.

Heka is the talk of the office at Tumelo

We’re always hearing about the many ways companies use our platform, but Tumelo’s response was a first! Laura Cloherty, Tumelo’s Employee Experience Manager says…

“We have a Heka Ideas slack channel, the team posts regularly about the latest things they have tried.”

It’s said that Heka has been “unbelievably popular” with the Tumelo team, and something that is the talk of the office, regularly. One Tumelo user said their experience with GoApe meant they were able to spend time with their children.

Laura also let us know that one team member loves reading — check out Maddie’s BeReal with her giant haul of books bought with Heka…

A Tumelo employee giving a Heka review
Heka credits well spent by the Tumelo team

“Heka fits our culture so well”

Tumelo let us know that since implementing Heka into their benefits offering, it has “gone a huge way in helping the team feel valued”.

The sheer variety on Heka means there’s something for everyone at Tumelo. Laura says that some of the team have taken up yoga since buying a new mat through Heka — giving them the opportunity to try new things and support their mental health, which is something the Tumelo team have openly expressed.

“Salary pays the bills but benefits have to actually benefit the individual.”

Laura also says that “some employees simply feel at ease” knowing that their HelloFresh subscription or other Heka experience helps lower their outgoings each month.

One Tumelo team member summarised the vast array of options available on Heka by saying “I love the wide variety of choices, and can't wait to experience more things.”

As for the best experience so far with Heka, another team member stated the following: “My gym membership is fantastic, but I really enjoyed the healthy Tastily ready meals (great for lunch breaks!)”

On a final note, Laura says that a “traditional benefits package would have just worked against us”. This is something we’re seeing across hundreds of businesses, whose employees are looking for more meaningful, practical benefits.

Benefits that support them in the present, as opposed to benefits that rely on other outcomes or events before they can be utilised.

Everything works seamlessly and Heka sparks joy in our team

Heka is designed to make implementing and managing wellbeing benefits a positive experience for HR and leadership teams.

When discussing customer service and general support, Laura told us that “everything works seamlessly”. From platform onboarding to finding experiences, Tumelo’s team quickly learnt how to leverage our platform to personalise their wellbeing.

Laura explained that the “best thing of all, is that there’s very little need for support or assistance from the Heka team”. Admin and wellbeing don’t go hand-in-hand, we know that! Our members should be able to book and buy exactly what they want, when they want it.

Finally, Tumelo’s team are always on the lookout for new experiences and said the regular addition of new partners “sparks join in our team”.

Laura Cloherty - Employee Experience Manager

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