5 great benefits of a corporate wellness platform

A quick summary:

  • Accessible to employees anywhere and everywhere 🌎
  • Streamlines the administrative demands of traditional employee benefits 💚
  • Supports long-term business growth and success 🏆
  • Helps you hire the best talent 🔎
  • Creates a better workplace culture 👏

As employee wellbeing climbs the corporate agenda, how can leaders benefit from an online wellness platform? What are the major reasons and why is now a better time than ever to invest in health and wellbeing in the workplace? 

Health and wellbeing have always been important, but in the aftermath of a global pandemic, leaders are investing in health and wellbeing like never before. In a survey of more than 300 HR professionals, 37 per cent of respondents said their business plan to invest more in employee wellbeing after the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, although the future looks brighter than the past, the end of a pandemic hasn’t been easy on society. Anxiety and depression remain high, and there are new challenges this year that people must face. 

To help leaders improve the health and wellbeing of their team, we’re looking at 5 benefits of investing in a corporate wellness platform. Hopefully, as a leader, you’ll find out that an online wellness platform could be the solution to your workplace woes – better employee engagement, happier and healthier team members and a thriving business. 

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Benefits of a corporate wellness platform

5 benefits of a corporate wellness platform

While we have simply scratched the surface of what’s possible with a corporate wellness platform, remember to carry out your own research. By doing so, you can identify all the positives of introducing an online wellness platform to your business. Without further ado…

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Accessible to employees anywhere and everywhere

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about the future of work, it’s that flexibility is here to stay. More than ever, employees want the freedom to work from home, to work from cafés or co-working spaces. Employees want to know that leaders support a healthy work-life balance. 

Through an online wellness platform, employees can access thousands of experiences, products and services at their fingertips – this is probably one of the biggest benefits to consider.

It no longer matters where in the UK they are based. With an internet connection and drive to improve their health and happiness, wellbeing experiences can be accessed. 

Think back to a time when fringe benefits and wellness experiences were very different. When it was onsite gym access only. Now, online wellness platforms like Heka do away with the hurdles of access and variety for employees.

While Heka isn’t the only wellbeing platform out there, it’s worth noting that there are more than 1000 wellness experiences to choose from. From financial coaching, axe-throwing, learning and development and more, employees can take back control of their health and wellbeing from the comfort of their homes. 

If you’d like to book a demo with one of our team, we’d be more than happy to walk you through the benefits of our online wellness platform. 

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Employees can access a corporate wellness platform from anywhere

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Streamlines the administrative demands of traditional employee benefits

The next benefit of a corporate wellness platform is the lack of administrative slog. Instead of manually managing employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives, HR teams and leaders alike can take back their time – time spent better elsewhere in the business.

As we’ve all encountered in the past decade, technology helps streamline and automate tasks, making our lives much easier. And that’s the case with a corporate wellness platform. 

Most online wellness platforms like Heka allow employees to sign up for their own accounts. This way, they are responsible for booking and buying their own wellbeing experiences, products and services. Not only this, they’re empowered to personalise their experience based on preference and interest. 

This freedom also means HR leaders needn’t micromanage employee wellbeing or benefits schemes. Too often, HR teams are responsible for some form of hand-holding when it comes to employee benefits. Online wellness platforms like Heka eliminate this need entirely. 

If HR teams are looking at ways to work more efficiently, while providing a robust wellbeing strategy, a corporate employee wellness platform could be the answer.

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A corporate wellness platform streamlines admin tasks for HR teams

Supports long-term business growth and success

Although a corporate wellness platform is a perfect solution to creating happier teams, it also benefits business ambitions. Employee benefits and wellbeing platforms can transform engagement. And according to Quantum Workplace, businesses with a more engaged workforce are 21 per cent more profitable than their peers. 

In another article, HBR reported that engaged workforces help businesses achieve 65 per cent lower staff turnover for low turnover businesses. That means if your business already has a stable employee retention rate, you could see improvements in the 65 per cent range.

Your corporate wellness platform can help streamline the health and wellbeing of employees; this ultimately has a positive knock-on effect to business ressults. It’s important leaders recognise that health and wellbeing doesn’t just improve the circumstances for employees. As you’ve seen so far, the benefits are endless.

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Makes hiring the best talent much easier

What’s one major employee benefit people are seeking out in 2022? Better health and wellbeing in the workplace. By offering a corporate wellness platform to your team, you’re able to also increase your chances of hiring the best talent. Yes you read that right!

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, employees expected flexible working to stay. This wasn’t the case for many employees who were made to return to the office environment once and for all. 

Although employees continue to fight for better flexibility in their job, it was the beginning of a health and wellbeing revolution in the workplace. Ever since the pandemic, employees have demanded better workplace wellbeing, and employers have spent more to fill this demand. 

By introducing a corporate wellness platform to your workforce, you’re able to ramp up your employee wellbeing strategy and support this ever growing demand in the workplace. 

It’s only a matter of time before employee wellbeing is detrimental to employers trying to hire talent. The Great Resignation was started for a number of reasons, but one being better flexibility. Many companies turned to a remote or hybrid working style, creating better work-life balance for their teams. Others didn’t, and they quickly realised it was very popular with employees – to the degree that many jumped ship for better jobs.

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Improves the hiring efforts of a business

Creates a better workplace culture

Workplace culture is everything. It's responsible for the attitudes and ambitions of your employees. It's responsible for job satisfaction, engagement and so much more. As many businesses fail to create a positive workplace culture, others do so brilliantly.

These particular workplaces have created a people-centric environment. One that takes health and wellbeing seriously. They're also more likely to have a robust employee benefits package or use a corporate wellness platform.

By offering a corporate wellness platform, leaders demonstrate the importance they place on health and wellbeing. It's the difference between organisations that say they value and promote wellbeing, and those that act on their words.

Take Heka for example, we see our customers constantly sharing our employee wellbeing platform on their website and in their job adverts. They understand that employees value health and wellbeing in the workplace, but it also proves they care about workplace wellbeing.

Being able to say you offer more than 1,000 employee wellbeing benefits is huge news that both existing and potential customers need to hear - and that is exactly why our customers love Heka.

For your business, using a corporate wellness platform will help create a better work environment. People love sharing their health and wellbeing achievements and experiences. It makes us feel good to tell others.

If you are going to offer a corporate wellness platform, ensure you're leading by example and encouraging the conversation of what experiences, products or services your team are using and making the most of.

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