How to Kick-start Employee Engagement in Your Health Platform

A quick summary:

If you’ve just introduced a health platform you’ll be looking for new ways to engage your team in the benefits on offer.

With over 3,000 health experiences and a 65% engagement rate, our team have worked hard to make employee involvement effortless.

We’ve pulled together some tips we have picked up along the way to help encourage frequent employee engagement, so your people and business as a whole can thrive together.

Introduce the platform

Give the health platform the introduction it deserves, covering how to use it properly, and highlighting the benefits on offer.

Once informed, people will feel more excited and less intimated by the process. They’re more likely to enjoy something once they know how simple it is to work and understand how they can personally benefit from engaging.

Let your employees know why have you chosen to invest in a health platform. Protecting employee wellbeing reduces healthcare costs, boosts productivity, and improves employee retention.

If your employees feel empowered to reach their full potential your business will thrive as a result.

Communicate what’s on offer

Highlight different activities or products on offer each week. Everyone has their unique approach to staying healthy and will be drawn in by different experiences, so it’s important to communicate the broad range on offer.

We encourage you to gather feedback, allowing you to provide answers to frequently asked questions to maintain long-term engagement.

Advertise the health platform via your internal intranet page. Employees will already be browsing here for business updates and HR-related news making this an easy way to capture their attention.

We would also advise circulating regular emails to answering any questions and including a wellbeing section in your company newsletter, both providing clear instructions on how they can sign up.

Some businesses elect someone to take the lead in promoting all things health and wellness. As naturally enthusiastic wellbeing warriors, they will be informed on current health trends and help to engage other team members.

Educate & inspire

Be an advocate. Inspire your team by educating them on how leading a healthy lifestyle can positively impact their happiness.

Lunch and learn sessions are a great way to inspire participation. Consider inviting a guest to host a virtual talk to educate people on how both mental and physical fitness can transform their lives.

Run workshops during work time open for employees to drop in with any health-related questions. Include a brief demo showing everyone how to use the platform and access all the benefits on offer.

Provide time for people to engage

“Not enough time in the day”, an all too familiar saying for many of us.

Taking on the responsibility of creating time for your employees to invest in their health is a key element of successful management. After all, no one benefits from the investment of a health platform when there’s no time to engage.

At Heka we have acknowledged time is often limited by providing a library of virtual experiences. We have people taking time before, during, and after the working day to focus on their health.

It's time to take action!

Now you know how to raise awareness of your new program and implement it effectively, it’s time to take action!

Perhaps you’re still deciding on whether to commit to a health program? Feel free to reach out, we would love to have a chat about what we promote at Heka and how you can start empowering your people today.

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