Stress Awareness Week 2021

A quick summary:

In simple terms, stress is ‘the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure’. Stress affects most of us at some points in our lives, but this does not mean it should be ignored.

Small amounts of stress can be beneficial in terms of motivation and performance - hence the term ‘pressure creates diamonds’. But this is not the case for everyone. If stress becomes overwhelming, it can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, physical health and interpersonal relationships. So finding effective ways to reduce and cope with stress can play a very important role in our overall health and happiness.

In honour of National Stress Awareness Day 2021 on 3rd of November, we are highlighting some of our favourite relaxing experiences to help you de-stress and unwind.


We really can’t recommend enough. Good for the body, mind and soul, meditation relaxes the body and provides perspective and clarity to challenging situations.

We recommend: Levitate Meditation & I Am Keeping Still

Try aromatherapy

The perfect addition to your self-care routine. Whether it’s a candle, diffuser or balm - let your day melt away and enjoy the relaxing effects of aromatherapy.

We recommend: Scentered & The Healthy Living Store

Enjoy your hobbies

Unplug from the outside world and make some time for whatever hobby makes you happy. Not only calming but also incredibly satisfying.

We recommend: Sculpd & The Good Vibes Project

Trip to the spa

A de-stress classic. The spa offers an opportunity for you to indulge in a treatment of choice and provides sanctuary away from the distractions of everyday life.

We recommend: Rena Spa & Casa Spa

Get some support

You are not alone. If it becomes difficult to cope, it is important to reach out for professional help.

We recommend: Support Room & Plumm


Rethink Mental Illness (no date). Stress Awareness Day. Available: